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1broker review - amazing concept and results
May 15 Review – Impressive Platform with Great Results

By Etanllah | Investing In Bitcoins

Disclaimer: I’ve only been using the service for about a week now, but I really love the concept and the results have been good so far.

What is

1Broker is a platform that allows Bitcoin users to participate in real-world markets directly with their Bitcoins. There are no conversions to fiat currencies like U.S. Dollars necessary. We currently offer trading on over 40 selected commodity, stock, index and forex markets.

Essentially you can trade against 40 different markets. Everything from Apple stock to BTC/USD prices.

What if I don’t know anything about trading stocks/forex/etc?

That’s the beauty of this platform…You can copy the trades of successful trades and mimic everything they do. Want to copy more than 1 person? Go for it. You are able to see their profit or loss, which trades they have made and how many other users are copying them.

Once you log into the platform you will be presented with all of the top traders as well as the most discussed trades lately. This is where you can start diving into the traders  that you want to copy.

1broker user screen

Lets click on one of the successful traders (3.14FX) and see more about his profile

1broker 3.14fx user profile

Details provided in a user’s profile:

  • Date registered
  • Profit/Loss this month
  • Rewards Earned
  • Number of copiers
  • Trades the last 7 days and 12 months

Next, if we click on Trades we can see all of the trades this user has performed.

1broker 3.14fx list of trades

If you want to copy a user you simply click their profile. Then click the Copy button.

Then you just need to select how much you want to invest each trade (0.01 BTC minimum) and the max amount of trades per day.

As trades are copied and added to your account you will receive messages in your 1Broker inbox for each one. Also, any open positions will show up on your main user screen.

My Results So Far

The first week has gone really well. I only deposited 0.01 BTC to start until I figured out what I was doing. At the beginning of my second week I’m up to 0.016 BTC which is a 60% increase…not too shabby!

Here’s an example of the trades that were copied to my account:

1broker list of trades

My Recommendation

So far I would highly recommend the service. I would probably start with a small deposit to get your feet wet then once you feel comfortable you can ramp up the investments from there. I will update this post in a few weeks showing my results at that point.

investing in bitcoins
Oct 19

Fresh New Arguments For Investing In Bitcoins

By Etanllah | Investing In Bitcoins

Everyone who has thought of investing in bitcoin needs to hear some new arguments from the industry that might be compelling. You are trying to make investments that work better for you over the long term, and this will only happen if you are willing to work with bitcoins. You might not have a grasp on them today, but you can learn enough about them that you will feel like you can invest in them in the future.

Bitcoin Exposure

The bitcoin is going to emerge as the better virtual money option in the end just because of exposure. People still know more about this coin than any other, and that will probably not change much. It is always getting a lot of press, and that usually helps keep the value high. You are trying to invest in things that you think will be most helpful to you, and the only way to invest in a good coin is to pick one that is stable.

Bitcoins have been stable for a long time because they are so old in comparison to any other virtual coin on the market. People who are trying to do all this research into other virtual currencies should remember that the age of the bitcoin makes it very stable. The stability of the coin alone makes it very attractive, and it helps you know that you have invested in something that will actually hold up in the long run. That means a lot to you as an investor, and it also means that you can get other people to invest in it and be successful.

Bitcoin Upgrades

The software that was created to help manage bitcoins is getting upgraded more than any other, and people are always talking about it. No bug is ever missed because people already are watching the currency to be sure that it will perfect. Bitcoins will not fall victim to problems that other coins have because they are just not as advanced. The bitcoin is so advanced that is practically runs itself. That makes it a much more solid investment for everyone.

Someone who is trying to invest in bitcoins also needs to recognize that they can be used in more places than any other currency in the world. Anyone who wants to take virtual currency is taking the bitcoin, and you will not be put out when you find out that you cannot use it. You avoid all those problems by making sure that you have use bitcoins because they are ready for people to use in a lot of different places.

Investors have put a lot of credence into the bitcoin because they know that it is here to stay. They are not going to overlook it just because it seems a little strange to them. They know that bitcoins can have a lot of value, and they know that that value is traded just like anything else. The whole point of this is to make sure that people are going to get the best price for their virtual currency at all times, and bitcoins are taken so seriously that they are now traded by even the most popular investors because they know that others are very serious about it.

Someone who wants to get into bitcoins should make sure that they can get the right prices and service for their bitcoins, and they should remember that it is still much better than any other virtual coin on the market. You can invest in bitcoins to see their price rise, and you will have more places to use bitcoins than any other virtual currency.