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By Etanllah | Free Coins

Jul 26

There is a new ICO Kickstarter platform that is launching and for a few more hours you can get their coins for free!

CoinStarter is dropping their reward coins later today which will then be available on the Waves Platform. Get 50 coins (they state $159 value!) when you sign up today.

Once you sign up for your CoinStarter account there’s multiple ways that you can earn some more CoinStarter coins:

Earn CoinStarter tokens by

Referring a new member
Receive 21 tokens ($66.81) when they sign up
Referring a unique visitor
Receive 0.21 tokens ($0.67) at their first visit (after 10 seconds)
Log in to your account daily
Receive 0.43 tokens ($1.37) for each day when you visit your account page
Your referral starts an ICO or a crowdfunding campaign
Receive 50 tokens ($159.06) when their campaign is approved
Your referral invests in an ICO or a crowdfunding campaign
Receive 100 tokens ($318.13) for each invested Bitcoin


Who knows how this entire project will pan out and what the actual value of the coins will be, but anytime you can get free coins, grab them!
Always keep security in mind. Don’t use the same password that you use on any other sites, use a unique one.

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