Getting Started With Bitcoin

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If you are new to Bitcoins you came to the right place! We cover all the Bitcoin basics, what to do with your Bitcoins, and where you can spend them.

The first thing you want to do is learn what Bitcoins are:

What are Bitcoins?

Once you have a grasp on the whole Bitcoin concept it’s time to choose a wallet to hold your Bitcoins:

Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet

Now that you have a wallet, lets go get some bitcoins! Use one (or all) of the free sites to get some Bitcoins. You will want to use your wallet address at each of the sites:

Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins!


Many of the above sites only pay out weekly or once you hit a certain threshold. Either way, you should have a steady flow of Bitcoins within that first week. Once you have some Bitcoins in your wallet go spend them: