New ICO Exscudo Bridges The Gap Between Traditional Economy and Cryptocurrencies

By Etanllah | Exscudo

Apr 27
Exscudo ICO

There’s a new ICO that’s starting to make waves in the crypto world. Exscudo is trying to unite the world of finance with the world of cryptos through their new platform and debit card. They are utilizing all areas of technology to align there goals. They are striving to create an entire financial ecosystem.

There are 7 components to the Exscudo Ecosystem:

Exchange Platform

The digital finance marketplace for beginners and professional traders, financial institutions and institutional investors. The trading system is the engine of liquidity. One of its advantages is the list of transactions in one order list. Another strong feature is the option of trading on margin and simple exchange. Multi Layered architecture, just like with classical trading exchanges for financial and equity markets, which allows a high level of security, flexibility of the systems, as well as opportunities for scaling.
• Fully compliant (complete compliance to the requirements of financial institutions).
• Serious security.
• Ultimate trading experience.


All data for trades on the cryptocurrency market is located in one place and updates in real time in one place and takes place in real time. For a bird’s eye view of all transactions for traders, our listing server provides and accumulates trading data not just from the Exscudo exchange, but provides listing from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trading terminals

Trading terminals with a wide range of tools for professionals that are designed just as usable as on traditional exchanges.The Cross-platform trading terminal supports the following platforms:

  • Web
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Desktop (Linux, MacOS, Windows)

The terminal delivers with full support of exchange functions, with a wide range of analytical possibilities, with support of different types of orders, online-listings, interactive graphics and technical indicators, trading signals and copies of transaction. The powerful trading system allows traders to realize complicated strategies.


The wallet provides a simple method to manage accounts in real time and in any place.
Buy, exchange and send currencies to friends securely and quickly. Pay for goods and services with crypto with the help of NFC.

Cryptocoin Debit Card

The simple connection for the user between the classical financial market and the cryptocurrency market. Simply deposit the cryptocurrency on your account in the Exscudo wallet and the card is ready for use. The card is accepted all over the world, as well as to make online purchases, or in the closest store with minimum commissions.


Completely secure decentralized messenger with the function of instant monetary transaction between the participants of the conversation. You can communicate confidentially and safely transfer funds, simply by sending a message to your contact.


You can offer your clients one of the fastest, safest, and least expensive payment methods. Having connected your payment using cryptocurrency, you can accept payments for your goods and services without limits – from any point in the world, from any computer or mobile device.

The first line of products (chatwallet) are planned to be launched in Q2 of 2017. You can sign up for notifications on the launch of the app at the Channels site:

After that the launch of the full trading terminals are planned for Q1/Q2 of 2018.

Reasons for optimism with Exscudo:

Exscudo is implementing real life improvements. These are one of the few cryptocoins that are more than just a coin. They are offering tangible pieces with their platform, chat, debit card, and merchant solutions.

The ChatWallet which will be out any week now will already provide more value that 99% of available cryptocurrencies:

With Exscudo Channels, people can send and receive messages and money quickly, easily and securely. The app unites the functions of a wallet and a messenger, and each of these two sides has its own features.

In the future, it will be possible to pay with cryptocurrencies from Exscudo Channels wallets even in convenience stores. The money is being converted automatically: if a user pays from a BTC wallet for a good which has a price in USD, the money is converted by the Exscudo Exchange automatically. The app will also integrate with Exscudo bank cards, but this functionality will be released in later updates of the app.

The messenger supports different types of chats. There are private, personal and group chats, as well as public channels. In private chats, users can send and receive money directly in the chat. The user just needs to tap on the special button to make the transfer. Group chats are usual multi-user conversations for friends and colleagues. The admin of the group channel can invite only his or her contacts to the group chat. But the public channels make the difference. These are created for media people and businesses, as they provide for the monetization of the published content. These channels can be browsed openly in the search of the app and are usually devoted to specific topics: new, hobbies or corporate updates.

There is however one area of the Chatwallet that I’m not completely sold on: Valueable Likes

What is a Valuable Like?

The mechanism is easy: if you like a post by another user, you press the ‘like’ button. By doing so, you send this person a little amount of EONs, the cryptocurrency that fuels the Exscudo ecosystem. This is a way of monetization for public channels, but also a means of approval for personal and group chats.

Personally it seems to me that many people are stingy with their money and especially with their new altcoins. I find it hard to believe that people will essentially spend money to “like” something in a chat. I guess time will tell for this feature.


Regardless of your thoughts on the future applications that will be available with Exscudo you can’t ignore the fact that they are doing some different. They are creating software and applications that can help the entire crypto community as a whole.

Do you like Bitcoins? This should interest you. Do you like altcoins? This should interest you. Do you like money? This should interest you.

They have set lofty goals and if they can achieve a good majority of them, it’s tough to imagine this ecosystem won’t be a home run.

When you evaluate new altcoins and companies you have to look at how it can impact the masses. Exscudo can shake up the entire financial sector and make all cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone in the world.



You can sign up for the Exscudo ICO now here:


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