The President of Bitcoin Utopia Liberland Fights for Recognition

By Etanllah | Bitcoin News

Nov 17
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Liberland’s first president Mr. Vit Jedlicka is on his way to create a Utopia in the land, which is between Serbia and Croatia, the land which according to him is unclaimed. He has a plan of having bitcoin as its Currency, and he also says that there will be no gun control and tax pay will not be mandatory. The land that Jedlicka is planning for is a 2.5 square mile marshland, which is uninhabited.

His three friends elected Jedlicka President in the year 2015 after they had planted a flag on the land. He has been working tirelessly since then, one of the big steps that he has made is signing up almost half a million citizens online, he also has a cabinet and ambassadors who are waiting to take up their role once everything is in place.

Crowdfunding and wealthy libertarians have helped Jedlicka in raising funds some of which he has used to print passports for the citizens.

No Occupation, Croatia Says

The land in question initially had its borders in Serbia, the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s led to the redrawing of the boundaries. The challenge came in when Croatia said that they were not interested in the land considering that taking the land would mean that they have less territory. On the other hand, Serbia was comfortable with the new borders because it would give them more land. At the end of it, all the two countries did not want to take it, and at this point is when Jedlicka said that he is interested in the land and he wants it.

Vit Jedlicka Presses On

Some of the significant efforts made by Jedlicka to establish the new state include but not limited to the following.

• In September this year Jedlicka, Jose Miguel Maschietto, and a BBC reporter went into Liberland all of them posing as tourists.

• He has representatives and ministers who use social media to communicate.

• He has given tenders to architectural companies from all over the world to come up with a plan.

• Jedlicka went to neighboring countries in the year 2014 to build rapport and increase legitimacy on what he said was a diplomatic mission according to CCN.

• He engaged himself in a regional macroeconomic meeting where he explained about his entry and wanted it to be made legal.

• Jedlicka’s conviction was overturned by a Croatian court and instead taken for a retrial in a local one. He had seen danger and thought of giving up the case because if he were fined then, that would prove that an international boundary exists. He was hopeful that the border location would be decided by the court. The court didn’t do that because the case was adjourned.

Problems From Within

Mr. Maschietto who is Liberland’s foreign minister had some hidden agendas and went round with rumors which didn’t sum up. The first issue, which brought problems, was his claims that he had served as a commander in the Italian army and was also involved in peacekeeping in Kosovo.

The BBC reporter who uncovered this also confirmed that Maschietto had also claimed to be an international musician who was widely celebrated; he said that he is a composer and an experienced pianist. He said he had excelled in music and had done interviews to Italian and Czech media. It was confirmed that all this was not true.

When Jedlicka learned about the misconduct and false claims that Maschietto made he was not happy and that lead to the resignation of Mr. Maschietto. Jedlicka’s journey has not been an easy one. He still holds firm that he is the president of Liberland and that Bitcoin is the currency that he will use when everything is in place.

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